Media Coverage 2016

Vigorous campaigning was carried out through Print media, Electronic Media, Emails, SMSs. Social Media, FM Radio, Hoardings and by meeting the prospective participants/ Visitors. Both Print and Electronic media played a significant role by covering all the events meticulously before and during the exhibition.

Media portrayed everything which was factual as far as exhibitors or visitors were concerned. All were in full praise for the excellent arrangements made for everyone.

MachAuto News Coverage
MachAuto News Coverage
MachAuto News Coverage

Entrepreneurs and successful industrial pioneers have accepted that innovation and technical advancement are the key factors for success in constantly changing world. So innovation has become a crucial part of industry's strategy to be more competitive and successful. Industrial revolution and modernization of technology are the key factors in economic growth of any country.

MachAuto-Expo is aimed to promote the Machine Tools, Engineering Machinery, Automation Technology Auto Parts industry and related products to compete the global market by exhibiting the latest technology. The Expo would be a perfect meeting place for professionals of various fields like auto parts manufacturers engineering, mechanical machinery, machine tools, tractor parts, forging machinery, motor parts, automobiles and many more related products. It will provide an opportunity both for participants and visitors to see the various types of products under one roof. It will strengthen the innovative potential and boost the process of technical renovation of Industry. With the revolution of fastest means of communication through electronic technology the world has become a global village. Now the competition in every field is not restricted amongst domestic manufacturers but with our counterparts worldwide. MachAuto-Expo will definitely prove to be a golden opportunity to showcase the latest technology and play a vital role for the growth of industries participating in the exhibition.


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